by - December 21, 2015

A year after Lady Mary's wedding, hoping for a clean start, Thomas accepts a peculiar job offer in an even more peculiar household.

Her Ladyship is friendly, but volatile and elusive, the former butler has abandoned the ship, the rest of the staff keeps to themselves, and it all has to do with the absent and mysterious Lord Westforth, the Viscount of the estate.

Before Thomas can decide whether or not this new life is right for him, Lord Westforth barges into their lives with the apparent need to drive his new butler insane.
Thomas wants to hate him, but settles for pity instead.
It's only pity, right?
God forbid he could feel anything else for this man with his annoying golden curls, his cold blue eyes, or the sexy way he twirls his cigarette between his fingers...

This story is rated Mature, contains explicit and difficult scenes (PTSD, suicidal thoughts, sexual harassment). Please be advised.
Also, it was my first try at writing in English. So... erm. You get it.

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